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The Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme

The Department of Energy (DoE), National Treasury (NT) and the Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA) established the IPPPP Unit for the specific purpose of delivering on the IPP procurement objectives. The activities of the office are in accordance with the capacity allocated to renewable energy and non-renewable generation in the Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) 2010; subsequent ministerial determinations and DoE support service requirements.

The IPPPP activities continue to evolve in order to effectively respond to the planning and development needs in the current energy context. As an example, the IPPPP Office has been requested to coordinate the development of the Gas Utilisation Master Plan (GUMP) that will in turn guide the procurement of the required gas capacity as per the IRP 2010.

The IPPPP Office provides the following services:

Professional advisory services.

Procurement management services.

Monitoring, evaluation and contract management services.

Notices and Alerts

New Website for IPP Renewables Programme

We have launched a new website for the IPP Renewables Programme. Please click on the following link to visit the website:  https://www.ipp-renewables.co.za to Re-register/Register by clicking on the Sign In tab.

If you experience any problems with our new website, please let us know by contacting the webmaster.